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S t a r t     S h o w   "1".   (History and political system oriented)
S t a r t     S h o w   "2".   (Attractions and places oriented)
S t a r t     S h o w   "3".   (Nature, parks, lakes)

Ottawa is the capital of    Canada    and one of the most beautiful cities in the world: unspoiled shorelines, scenic parkways and expansive parks stretching across two provinces ( Ontario and Quebec ) combine to create a truly Canadian Capital. The slide show includes a valuable introduction about the political system in Canada, maps, attractions, and other important information.

In addition, it is a world wide center for research and development and hi-tech industry. It is the headquarters of famous and prestigious companies. Ottawa has one of the most important research centers in the world, National Research Center (NRC), and several universities including Ottawa University and Carleton University and colleges.

With plenty of museums and galleries, it is considered a worldwide cultural center. Museums and galleries include National Art Center, Canadian Museum of Civilization, Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, Canadian Museum of Nature, Canadian War Museum, Royal Canadian Mint, National Aviation Museum, National Gallery Of Canada, National Museum of Science and Technology, Rideau Canal/Laurier House, Currency Museum.

Ottawa is very manageable city with very well organized, safe and clean roads. It has an excellent public transportation system with buses equipped even to accommodate cyclists and their bicycles.

Ottawa is a sport city all year around: in winter cross-country skiing, skiing and skating are widely practiced, and in summer all other kind of sports.

Ottawa-Ontario, Hull-Quebec, and other cities form a metropolitan of population more than one million. (see maps and slide show)

NEED HELP! If you wish to acquire assistance while in Ottawa, email at .........More maps to come.
......... More maps in the slide show(s).

LONESTAR CAFE:   it is at the top of the list for dining and entertainment. Specialized in quality Mexican food. This fine place has severa locations including St Laurent Boulevard and 417 highway, baseline and Fisher Avenue and Hunt Club. The first provides live music and usually hosts famous country singers. The atmosphere is pleasant and nothing like the hospitality of the staff.

IMAX CINEMA :   Located in the museum of civilizations-Hull, Quebec, and offer specialized quality movies at the dome theatre and the giant flat screens.


GATINEAU PARK:   from lakes to creeks to trails to outlooks you will find this famous Canadian attraction a refuge. A visit will leave you with lasting pleasant memories. Stop by the info centre at the park to have a free map.

BRITANNIA PARK:   bordering the Ottawa River beach and a great place for BBQ, family sports and playgrounds for kids.

  • Whenever there is no signs, maximum parking limit is 3 hours (Bylaw between 7:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M.). Laws are more strict in the downtown.
  • Always ask for receipt for any services and purchases.
  • Put all agreements in writing.
  • Have your things done at recognized names ( hotels, mechanics, restaurants, etc). In particular, if you are a visitor.
  • You can have disputes of less than 25,000.00 C$ solved in Small Claim Courts. (easy way)
  • For tenant landlord disputes contact Ontario Housing tribunal. Consult with legal clinics in the area free.
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slide 01:

expertise The natives of Canada: sometimes they are called Indians, First Nations, or Aboriginal people.

The word Indians stems from the Spanish language which means Religious People.
slide 02:

Famous maple leaf of Canada and map of ottawa canada. It is a Canadian symbol and you can see on the flag of Canada and the map.
slide 03:

Canadian Maple leaf
slide 04:

Partial top view of ottawa shows the Rideau Canal, Ottawa River, and Parliament Hill. Free auto insurance quote and quotes provided by Ottawa Guide. If you plan to travel then we are your traveling one stop center. We also provide life insurance, home, and critical illness.

You will see more enlarged photos and maps
slide 05:

A photo of a Canadian hero who lost his right leg to cancer at 18. In attempt to raise awareness and hope, he started a marathon from St. John's- Newfoundland and was never able to reach the west coast of Canada.


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Ottawa maps
Ottawa maps