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Linking Native Canadians and the Palestinians

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The most striking parallel between the natives' case and the Palestinian one is the racism they have endured and enduring. Racism composed of exclusion, preference, and distinction.

Such policy resulted in minority natives and created a minority Palestinian in Palestine 48 by driving Palestinians out of their land. Zionism is in the process of creating minority Palestinians in the rest of Palestine by increasingly surrounding Palestinian towns and cities of Jewish settlements.

The native is no longer subject to all level of treatment that Zionism adapting against the Palestinians. However, the damage is done and at least to say that the average life expectancy for natives is half what it used to be when they governed themselves, with staggering suicide rate.

1919. Dr. Chaim Weizmann [first president of Israel] is reported by British Foreign Minister Lord Curzon to want "a Jewish State, a Jewish nation, a subordinate population of Arabs etc. ruled by Jews; the Jews in possession of the fat of the land, and directing the administration." D. Ingrams, Palestine Papers, 1917-1922, p. 58.

The native nations are ruled by non-natives, they are subordinate population, the non-natives in possession of the fat of the land and directing the administration.

In addition, Canada is not fulfilling the treaties and in default of compensation to many tribes. Zionists are careless to comply with international laws and hundreds of U.N. resolutions.