The Flutes of The  Imbayakunas
Irresisitable Paulfutes of the Imbayakunas
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marcelino Vega The Flutes of The  Imbayakunas
Marcelino Vega of the Imbayakunas.

From the Quinchuqi, rural community located on the foothill of the Imbabura mountain, Ecuador, The Imbayakunas came to tour Ottawa's Malls and streets bringing with them native music from the Andes and the traditional music instruments ronador, pauflutes, drums and cajas.

Imbayakunas stems from Imbayacuna, which means strong people, determined people.

Folkloric music from the Andes (Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia) is the privileged expressionof 20 million Quechua and 4 million Ayrnaras.

The tempo of the music has a wide range, some songs are somber and pensive whileothers are very lively and upbeat. The songs are sung in Spanish and also Quechua.Themes of the songs are of respect for "Pacha Mama" (mother earth in Quechua),annual Andean festivals, working overseas, love and new romance.

The band continues to perform on Every Canada Day for the past few years.

You can can contact the The Imbayakunas by phone at 416- 726-6456, and e-mail

imbayakunas 2010 Canada Day
Photo taken Canada Day, 2010-Ottawa

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