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Famous maple leaf of Canada.

It is a Canadian symbol and you can see on the flag of Canada.

Canadian Maple leaf

Partial top view of ottawa shows the Rideau Canal, Ottawa River, and Parliament Hill.

You will see more enlarged photos.

A photo of a Canadian hero who lost his right leg to cancer at 18.   In attempt to raise awareness and hope, he started a marathon from St. John's- Newfoundland and was never able to reach the west coast of Canada.

Terry Fox, wore out one artificial limb after another and collapsed in pain outside Thunder Bay-Ontario when cancer travelled to his lungs.

Terry left his heroic footprints across 5,373 km of his country.

Canada day celebrated each year on July first.

On July 1,1867, the provinces we know now as Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia joined together in Confederation to create the new country of Canada. The British North America Act of 1867 made this confederation legal.

As time passed, other provinces and territories joined the confederation and became part of Canada.

Fire works from Casino d'Hull-Quebec in Canada day.

Hull city and Ottawa are sperated only by Ottawa River.

You will view a photo that will explain.

National Gallery of Canada- Ottawa hosts great artists' work frequently.

Vincent van Gogh's (1853-1890) Irises,and the Jack Pine of Tom Thomson are just a sample.

The Parliament of Canada which is located in Ottawa: the Queen ( Head of the State), the House of Commons and the Senate.

The photo shows the famous Peace Tower

Canadians elect representatives to the House of Commons ( Ottawa). the elected representatives are called members of Parliament (or MPs).

The people who serve in the Senate are chosen by the Prime Minister and appointed by the Governor General. They are called senators

The Prime Minister is the leader of the political party with the most elected members sitting in the House of Commons.

The flames are all year around.

Spot(3): Chapters-Ottawa a Canadian book store.

A very fine Canadian idea.

The National Arts Centre,NAC, opened in Ottawa in 1969. It contains for halls--the Opera,the theatre , the Studio and the Salon--and is the largest performing arts centre in Canada. Plays in both English and French are featured here, as well as musical attractions from Canada and all around the world.

Stop by the Prime Minister's house or write:

24 Sussex drive
Ottawa, Canada

Ottawa-Ontario and Hull Quebec are just seperated by Ottawa River.

This map explains how to reach Toronto and Montreal from Ottawa.

This map explains how to reach important cities in U.S.A. from Ottawa.

In winter Rideau Canal of Ottawa becomes the longest skating rink along which many people skate to work, including cabinet ministers and civil servants, briefcases in hand.

Ottawa is an active city all year around.

Ottawa is cold in winter, but warm clothes and skating will do the job.

Another sport practiced during winter in Ottawa.

Ottawa has the longest winter festival,Winterlude. It opens with spectacular display of fire works and continues for ten days with sleigh rides, snow sculptures, skiing and skating events , barrel jumping, and some unusual competitions like this Great canadian Bed Race.

Twice a year, during the National Capital ( Ottawa ) Air Show and on Canada Day, the skies over Ottawa are the stage for a patriotic and heart-pounding flypast of Canada's Snowbirds.

Biking is a very popular sport in Ottawa. Plenty of designated routes is specially designed for this sport.

Buses are equipped to transport your bicycle, ckeck with OC Transpo for details.

Rideau Canal,Ottawa, in Summer.

The Canal was engineered by Lieutenant-Colonel By 1826, and stretches from Kingston to Ottawa (197 km).

Six years to finish the job

Boats in Ottawa ply the Canal all the summer to provide visitors and locals unique experience.

Transporting boats to/from Ottawa River using locks this image shows.

One more summer activity.

Rafting is another popular sport in Ottawa.

The natives of Canada: sometimes they are called Indians, First Nations, or Aboriginal people.

The word Indians stems from the Spanish language which means Religious People.